So whats all this Art for Charity about?

I am lucky enough to be able to paint a little, although that’s probably a matter of opinion!!

But, you know, there is only so much wall space at home and although a very understanding wife allows me to hang quite a few…. there is a limit… so what was to be done with these paintings?

Elizabeth, my daughter, cautiously told me that one or two may be good enough to make in to prints and sell and so I started to do just that and over the last few years have produced a couple of dozen paintings which I have had printed and given to various charities to sell for them to raise funds.

That was great to start with but the initial cost of setting up each set of prints (and I don’t include my time in this) can run to a couple of hundred pounds each.

To cover these “set up” costs I now hold back ten copies of each print which I intend to sell through this web site.

So if you feel like buying one…. Please go ahead and know that with your help I can go on painting and giving the prints to charities. Or if you have a charity that you would like help raising funds for and would like to know more then please let me know. My email address is